Riflessioni di Flaminia Fichera, alunna della VA del  Liceo Scientifico di Linguaglossa,  nel periodo della quarantena.



Who would have said that the fourth of March would be our last school day?

And who would have said that it would be our last bell that day?

The last laugh with my desk-mate 

and the last test on that date!


The quarantine arrived,

the virus spread,

people were scared,

but thousands were infected.


The silent enemy deprived us of many things,

we won’t forget a lot of hints:

our hundred days’ party, our wished last school trips,

kisses & hugs, missing smiles and tears.


Quarantine, quarantine

what did it mean?

Watching Netflix, studying a lot,

in front of a web-cam, nothing we forgot.

Now I regret the time when I had to make excuses for staying home,

I missed the bus and I wanted to go to Rome.


At first an inexplicable desire of fondness,

but then the reaction was of strength and braveness. 

We, the two-thousand-twenty students, will win the war definitely

and we will come back to normality immediately...

And it’s certain: we will write the history this year,

to make the contagion far and the victory clear!

We, those of the lockdown, have been staying at a social distance,

but now we would like to be free at a glance !


Corona virus deprived us of many emotions,

But now we are ready for our graduations !

We’ll never come back school again,

So let us shout our pain!                                                               

When all this will be over  and people will not be epidemic,

We will  be forever those lockdown students of world pandemic !